RIZQMALL.MY | Malaysia Online Hypermarket is a Virtual Hypermarket. It is developed in Malaysia in line with the latest developments in the business that can be done at the fingertips, and Malaysia has now opened Malaysia Free Trade  (MFTZ) to facilitate Electronic Business in Malaysia.

On this basis, entrepreneurs can market their products not only within the country but also abroad borderlessly across the country and the World.

RIZQMALL.MY was developed by 3PTEB RIZQ Berhad Company which was lead by YBhg Dato' Seri Marajoh Hj Unding who is the Executive Chairman and YBhg En. Haris Fadzlah Mat Ali who is the Group Chief Executive Officer.

RIZQMALL.MY has been developed as similar to an actual Hypermarket with Three Big Departments like Supermarket, Softline and Hardline. However, rizqmall.my has added two more departments according to demand such as Services and Merchants.

RIZQMALL.MY is currently at the stages of phase 1, and has some more phases until it completes before making more Research and Development (R & D) for the latest market adaptability.

Business Transactions are implemented by rizqmall.my in accordance with the latest market requirements, such as:

1.             B2C          -           Business to Consumers

2.             B2B          -           Business to Business

3.             Bill2Bill    -           Vendor – Warehouse – Retailer – Consumers

In addition, rizqmall.my through its subsidiary 3PTEB BIZCOIN Berhad has developed a digital currency (Bizcoin) to add value to consumers to buy products and services at a cheaper price using the digital currency (Bizcoin).

And, rizqmall.my also introduces loyalty cards (RizqCash) for customers to get cheaper, discounted rates and Bizcoinat designated merchants which are listed on rizqmall.my.



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Pandan Indah, 

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Telefon : +603 42879554 

atau : +603 42879558

Email : admin@rizqmall.my

Web : www.rizqmall.my